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Villain RushVillain RushVillain RushVillain RushVillain RushVillain RushVillain RushVillain Rush

The description Villain Rush Apk

◆ Crush the Heroes! 
◆ The Kaizins gain power even when your phone is off! 
◆ Truly novel idle TCG 
◆ Take back the world from the Heroes who dominate the post-Kaizin Rumble world! 

■■■■■Game Description■■■■■

Heroes rule the world after the end of Kaizin Rumble?!
◆ Revive all the Kaizins in the world by becoming their Great Leader! 
◆ The Kaizins will attack the Heroes automatically in their nations! 
◆ Defeat the Heroes and dominate the world! 

Home page

Don't try to be nice, the Kaizins are here!
◆ Hundreds of Kaizins auto-battling in their nations! 
◆ Tap the Kaizins in battle to grant them 3x battle speed! 
◆ Defeat the Hero Bosses that appear every 10 stages and rule the world! 

I am awesome
◆ Draw identical Kaizins to level them up! 
◆ Equip gears to boost all Kaizins' stats! 

Heroes are so last year!
◆ Evolve powerful Kaizins with the Kaizin Stones! 
◆ Gain new skills with each evolution! 

Idle clicker TCG! Become a Kaizin and take back the world!

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  • 1.2
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • March 21, 2017
  • 522CE16FD3CA590F17DC6EBDC65090D951ABD5BC
  • 03d7db742fe577e46884986addd329e4
  • global Release.
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  • 1.2
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • February 22, 2017
  • 522CE16FD3CA590F17DC6EBDC65090D951ABD5BC
  • 250ad542762aea3cdd4706ec8fd08a52
  • 수정내용
    1. 괴인각성 추가(각성 시 이미지 변경)
    2. 신규 국가 및 괴인 추가
    3. 국가별 Stage 500으로 확장
    4. 총수레벨 20LV로 확장
    5. 레이드 히어로 3Type 추가
    6. 모험 20구역으로 확장
    7. 기타
    7-1. 텍스트 추가 및 수정
    7-2. 9000스테이지 이상에서 환생했을 때 괴인스톤 오류 수정
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10 recent comments of Villain Rush APK

Mark Khang

광고보고 시간죽이세요 여러분 재미는 있음


독특한 컨셉과 그래픽 재미있어요!!!

Shawn Han

While the game need improvements, people should really try and play games they like playing. If you don't like playing a idle rpg, then don't play or review it as the worst game ever. I miss the old Kaizin days, and this game brings me back to it. While it might not be the game you expect it to be, it is pretty decent and fun to play. Please don't be discouraged by other people and keep up the awesome work!

Korthia Vorthex

This game has been out for almost a year. How about some new content. Even if you just redid the art for the villains so they're higher definition photos or fix the bug that makes the app icon call itself lost keeper. Seriously...after a year of being out you need to do something to make it worth keeping on our phones. Once everything is maxed out there's nothing to do and you can max everything in less than 2 months without ever spending a dime. It's an ok game but has no value past the launch date basics....

Erenar Nyx

Kinda nice game. BUT! Every time I want to log in, the game will hang/crash/unresponsive when my operator gives resources report. Kindly please fix it.

Movie watcher tomi

I love villian rush not just for good graphics and design, but for being the game where i can finally be a bad guy! To many games are stuck in the narrow path of being played from the good guy perspective, its over used and boring. Villan rush is a refreshing breath of clean air <3

Fadhil Farendy

Kaizin Rumble copy. But it doesnt capture the magic and excitement as the kaizin rumble did. Is just another tap and wait game. If you in for tap game its maybe your gem. If you are expecting action packed game i dont reccomend it

Why are we still here?

Nice gameplay but I just don't like how everyone resets to level 1 when rebirthing, you could scale them somehow, not totally back to level 1 and there are no precursors telling what else will happen if rebirthing except resetting stages level. nice waste of time, uninstalling.

Hanhan Han

An awesome game. Plenty of gem rewards through achievements so free players can do well too. Will be perfect if there is a pvp match mode, but don't count the great leader stats as free players won't have a chance against +200% opponents. Thanks :) .

Ben Cowell

Fun to start with but it hits a brick wall pretty quickly without paying for stuff or watching a million adverts you don't get anywhere. Shame.

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