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Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI] v412 Apk screenshots

Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI]Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI]Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI]Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI]Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI]Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI]

The description Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI] Apk

aospUI Black is the first and most strongly AOSP UI inspired black theme.
If you like black themes and you love Google's Android design, this merges the two ideas together.

This theme is the reboot of BlackStockTheme, if you bought it in past, contact me by email with order code, [email protected], and I'll give you a promo code for this.

The theme installs through an app that this app will link you to, IT REQUIRES ROOT (except on OMS rootless, Oreo and on Samsung Touchwiz Nougat/Oreo system).

The theme supports the following systems:
-AOSP/Custom/Google ROMs from Marshmallow, up to Oreo 8.1 DP;
-OxygenOS Nougat and Oreo;
-Samsung Nougat and Oreo stock system (including S series, Note series, A series and J series), but without dark notifications.

Other manufacturers' ROMs aren't guaranteed to be compatible (the more different they are from AOSP or Google ROMs UI, the more they're likely to not be compatible.
In case you end in bootloop flash the rescue zip that you find in /sdcard/Substratum/ (the substratumLegacy one if your ROM is RRO. Only most custom ROMs have OMS, the rest has RRO) and ask for refund, also by e-mail if you need.

Themed elements list (70+ apps):

Thank you all for supporting me. :)


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  • 412
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • December 25, 2017
  • ED3C3D36D1ED29DB2FD14B06046D386993B42233
  • 9708d1026a858b23659540e0286dd781
  • Please notice that Facebook Messenger 137 and later are unthemeable.
    -Fixes in Chrome Beta;
    -Fixes in YouTube;
    -Fixes in GMail.
    -Fixes in GMail;
    -Fixes in YouTube.
    -Fixes in Google Translate;
    -Fixes in Google Photos.
    -Fixes in Google Chrome;
    -Fixes in Google Contacts.
    -Fixes in Facebook Messenger;
    -Fixes in WhatsApp.
    -Fixes in YouTube;
    -Added support for Samsung Oreo beta.
    -Fixes in Chrome Beta;
    -Fixes in LawnChair.
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10 recent comments of Substratum Black Theme+Samsung,Oreo,Pixel [aospUI] APK

Kevin Kopp

Really love the theme, had to disable the overlay for YouTube. YouTube crashes while the overlay is enabled. I'm using a Nexus 6P with Android Oreo. All other overlays seem to be working fine. I took the input to fix Youtube and it worked. However stuff keeps breaking frequently and as much as I like this theme, it's too unstable. For example right now google is failing so I cannot use the home screen or app drawer to get around. Instead I have to go to settings, apps, and then view app in app store in order to get to any apps. I've had crashes with keyboard, google keep, system UI, gmail, and more. The solution is to boot up Andromeda and disable, update, enable the theme. The issue is, it can only be fixed with a laptop connected and in today's case I left my laptop at work so I won't be able to fix google for a few hours and will have to resort to using the app store through settings to open anything I need access too. Great looking theme but needs frequent updates and maintenance. Also the dev is clearly responsive and helpful but I need the theme to stay reliable and not need re-enabling daily.

Jose Hernandez

Best Black Theme Available. The only thing that can be bettered is making the Phone Dialer from the Stock Android App Dark Themed like the one in Swift Dark Theme. If that happened I would be using this overlay by itself.

Michael Bergman

The theme looks exactly as advertised. Once purchased, customers can enter a Telegram support chat where the developer is very accessible. I reported a problem with the Samsung Clock, and an update was pushed out hours later. If you like the theme, you won't regret buying it. (If you leave a bad review, the dev will post a screenshot of it to the Telegram group.)

AJ Hill

This looks cool, but after I paid for it, I had to download another program that refuses to open unless I pay another $2 to run on my S8.

SG Saxena

Best dark theme as of now on the play store. Great implementation all around. Would like to see play books dark themed too.

Mayank Soni

It protects my eyes from burning.

William Nale

Works Great, getting the black theme I've wanted. Not sure if it's me, how do I install a black theme on the notification pull down shade? Very happy with the black themes on the other apps on my VZW N8.

Thomas Dornsife

I would rate this app five stars but the simple fact that your app doesn't have a clear option to hide from launcher is why. Other themes have this option. I understand why you have an app for this but you should include an option to only access through substratum app. I feel like it's just extra bloat in my launcher.

Christopher Roberts

Love this app. Gives my phone the dark look I love, that Google doesn't offer. Thank You.


The pixel home button changes state when it animates.

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