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Buy this app as a simple way to donate me a little bit of money to show your support. Every purchase is appreciated :)

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10 recent comments of Donut Donation APK

Ivan Rajkovic

Had to donate :). Please keep the default look of the lawnchair clean and close to Google's vision. That's the main reason I use it - it doesn't look cluttered and amateurish at the very beginning. Options are always good and you can have them all, but the default should look clean and professional, like pixel launcher does. Just keep up the good work :)

Aaron Clark

Lawnchair Is by far the best app ever! It puts Nova Launcher Prime to shame. How can I donate more than just a $1.49 ? That's nothing man.

Bob Harmon

I downloaded Lawnchair from the Play Store, and I'm completely satisfied with it so far. It is the only launcher I have on my Galaxy S8 Plus right now. Keep up the great work.

Christopher Velasco

Hey I'm having trouble getting Google Now to work on my Launcher. Please help. Other than that, love it!

Syed Danish Haseeb

Best thing to happen to Android since android. Keep up the awesome work! This is THE MOST perfect launcher for android out there if you preffer the stock android look.

Noah Gerelus

I just downloaded Lawnchair about 15 minutes prior to writing this review, and it is fantastic. It's fast, simple, appealing to the eyes; it sealed the deal for me, so much so that I switched over from Nova. This launcher is amazing. It's what I've been looking for this whole time.

Mark Pointon

Absolutely love Lawn Chair - easily the best "stock-esk" experience available that had lots of nice customisation ability. One suggestion would be an ability to mass select to add to folders on the desktop. Fantastic app otherwise, keep up the great work!

Garn Penrod

Your work on lawnchair is fantastic. This purchase is a small thank you for that wonderful bit of code. Keep it up!

Michael Conner

Lawnchair Launcher is awesome! Loved my pixel and now I can enjoy it on my Note 8. Thank you!

Matias Fernando Gonzalez Falbo

Awesome app. I wrote some verbose stuff but Play simply deleted it for some reason

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