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Formula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2DFormula Racing 2D

The description Formula Racing 2D Apk

Formula Racing 2D is a top down racing game with HD graphics and fun gameplay.

Compete against 10 formula racing cars in one of the best top down racing games.

Take part in a full GP racing season.

Compete in one of the 3 championship modes.

Select your favorite race track for some fast top down racing.

Formula Racing 2D features:
•10 different formula GP racing cars
•8 different international race tracks (normal, city and desert races)
•Visual masterpiece: HD graphics and effects
•Detailed and realistic 2D racing tracks, top down racing at its best
•Pit stops and qualifying possible
•Realistic car physics and sound effects, giving a real 2D racing experience
•Experience driving in the highest class of open wheel motorsport racing
•Single seat auto racing simulator in a retro style

Accept the challenge, become a formula racing legend!

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  • 1.3.7
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • February 7, 2017
  • DB1F3587ACF03F2D6E636ABA7063DCCBC7E9874B
  • d500e634139b9df27adecc2958661bb2
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  • 1.3.0
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • September 23, 2016
  • DB1F3587ACF03F2D6E636ABA7063DCCBC7E9874B
  • 8c3660eec4e3d1d358b121fed1ac6eea
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10 recent comments of Formula Racing 2D APK

Clayton Scarcella

Cant steer car at all. Got an immediate refund. Wasted time and bandwidth.

Niklas Lundin

I am so glad for this game. Thank you guys so much for making a retro game like this one! This game is the bomb. It's just the game I have been looking for. Everything about the game is great. Hats off to the developers! I'm hoping you guys make a nascar game in the same line as the formula one. Thank you all again for such an awesome game.

A Google user

Brilliant game. Only criticisms would be that the tire wear doesn't seem to affect the AI cars as much as it does yours and maybe some challenges? Like doing a lap beneath a certain amount of time (e.g.: try and go under 25 seconds in Australia). Maybe an average lap time at the end of the race and just some statistics would be nice. Multiplayer and Multiplayer ghosts would be great too. Other than that very well made game that I enjoy playing very much

A Google user

This game is brilliant. The controls and the difficulty levels are set perfectly. The more time you spend on the game the more rewarding it becomes. So many options to improve and challenge yourself if you find it getting easier. Lot of people criticising AI and tyre wear as if they only like games they can walk through in their sleep. The game does however need more tracks, and multiplayer would make this perfect. A great rewarding game.

Nathan Beck

Good game and great to play. Car sounds/audio could be better but still they're decent. Only annoying thing is when you collide with another racer you always seem to come off worse and skid off while they race on. Despite this I still enjoy the game and have fun working my way through the difficulties.


Decent racing game, but not very serious. AI intentionally get in your way even if you're not in the racing line. The controls could be better as some tight sections seem impossible at first. I would really like an option to rotate the view instead of the car as sometimes the orientation can confuse your left and right.

A Google user

Really enjoyable game, been playing it addictively for months. Once you have the top car it's easy to win, so I have to make up other challenges to keep myself interested. Tyre wear seems a bit uneven when compared to ai cars, so if driving in a slower car it seems there is an unfair advantage. Would love more tracks, maybe a ghost mode and online fastest lap leader board to see who can get the fastest lap on circuits. But well done to the devs. Always wanted a top down F1 style racing game with real world style tracks. Look forward to some updates.

Noah Vertue

Could really use a update - some new circuits (sazuka) would be gre. Small easy improvements; equal cars with different strengths - different levels of difficulty per track - zoom in or out (once the game opened incorrectly and screen resolution was out but the game actually played and looked great) - maybe a edit to "Paint" own car etc.

Hanno Embregts

I like it a lot, but there's a bug in the lap times. On occasion a lap time from the Australia track will be copied to the Monaco one. And we all know 25.00 is impossible to do at Monaco. So it seems the lap times are not stored correctly. Maybe an update could fix it? If so, I'll change the review to 5 stars.

mark Preston

Game is very playable and addictive. However it took less than an hour to have the top car and complete the expert level so there's new challenges now. Maybe an option to race online rather than against AI?

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