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Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3Game Studio Tycoon 3

The description Game Studio Tycoon 3 Apk

It’s a dream of every amateur and pro gamer to have their own personal game studio where they can hire the best developers, create awesome video games and sell them for a huge profit! Game Studio Tycoon 3 gives you the chance to simulate a fully functional game development studio! Do you have what it takes to beat the competition and become the best studio in the industry?

• Start on your own in a small office, and grow your gaming business to owning 7 buildings and managing 50 employees while tasking 3 independent teams of game developers to produce different projects at the same time!

• Build your video gaming business alone, or try to get help from investors. A unique investor system allows you to sell off part of your company for money when you’re in a pinch!

• Develop games for devices from 50 years of gaming history as well as the near future.

• Create your own video games and even MMO’s! Determine the level of support for your MMO games, create updates, and run advertisement campaigns to attract new users!

• Create your own hardware! You can create a traditional console, handheld device, or even a mobile device (tablet/phone). Once your hardware is released you can try to increase your market share by investing in third party developers to produce games for your hardware. Every game you release on your own hardware can help increase your market share!

• Set the price for your games and hardware. Lower priced products tend to sell more, but turn less of a profit – find the right balance to capitalize!

• Participate in 3 yearly conventions, each targeted at different types of fans.

• Incredibly complex fan and user system. Each fan has a genre preference, and platform preference, and an age. On top of that, your fans will grow older as the game progresses!

• Compare your studio against 7 AI studios and compete for yearly awards.

• Analyze and strategize! Pour over various charts and graphs to determine what games you should make and decide what direction to take your company in.

• Plan your game projects and hardware ahead of time. You can queue up to 3 projects for each team to work on for a total of 9 projects. This means when a team is done with their current project, they will move on to the next one right away!

• Take a gamble and make games for big publishers! However, publisher deals rely on your past projects so be sure to have a high average game rating!

• Certify your employees in 8 different technical fields to help improve their performance.

Chase your dream and get immersed in the ultimate tycoon adventure of the Game Development industry!

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  • 1.4.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • May 25, 2018
  • 4B4D8340B31FAFB39DFEAAD286EDBA6878FA2205
  • 3c77a835335fdfa2b8bfbd448286e8b6
  • Improved Android 8.0 and above compatibility
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  • 1.3.2
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • December 1, 2017
  • 4B4D8340B31FAFB39DFEAAD286EDBA6878FA2205
  • 95b297db95b69b3fe68d4854475de026
  • Improved Android 7.0 and above compatibility
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  • 1.0.3
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • May 31, 2016
  • 7e04a8de7f4ac7f0a1d1f35b45f73f03
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10 recent comments of Game Studio Tycoon 3 APK

Ryan Keena

This is the most amazing game I have ever played, and I have played some really good games! After playing GST2, I think that whoever made this series is an absolute GENIUS who really knows what the word "fun" means! I highly recommend installing this. You will not regret it!

declan games

Great game I suggest you update the game and implement new genres in today's world like battle royale or make a new Sequel to this game.

Jonathan Dominguez

Eh, could do better. Compared to this, Game dev story is worth spending money on. I had high hopes for this! I'd prefer to see how many units a game sales, and not just the profit. I got this for free so I guess I can't complain.

Joey C

It's a great game, I love the concept and the ability to be creative, not just another "Videogame Tycoon Clicker" kind of thing. The controls and junk can get confusing, but I eventually got the hang of it.

unknowngamer 0

Awesome! Cool game. Here's something I just want to say real quick that you can get negative amount of money is kinda annoying. That the part is that I don't make as much money as I should have went I sale a game. Anyways I love what your doing!!!

Alex Daniel

It's alright. Not particularly interesting and very easy to beat on the first go around. Reviews appear almost random, but after a while don't affect things much.

Tolu Adeojo

I rarely rate and review mobile games, but i couldn't pass this one. This is one of the best mobile games I've played. When I first downloaded this game, I thought I was just going to use it to kill boredom and delete it after a while as with most mobile games, but I realised I played it for 6 hours straight without sleeping eating or drinking (I'm serious), this game is f**King addictive (pardon my language) lol! The graphics is great and the gameplay is over the top... And it's even free without IAPs! But i must say it wasn't challenging enough, though it took a while before I got the hang of it, but it worthy to say, overally this is a great game and shouldn't deserve less then 5 stars! Go Ashley Sherwin. I LOVE IT!

detalyan knight

It should let us make our own prices for the game and how may copy's and units we wonna make & we should be able to sale our games on more then just 3 console & it should let us control our console and when to stop selling them instead of it being 10 years it should give us in option on updating our consoles as well just how we can up date our games with the mmo we should be able to do that with the consoles

Ayie Josh

this is a good game for offline plays. if those who had trouble with progressing this game, just make contract on early game then slowly start to make you game ith a good genre. supported the devs, hoping for a great game like this and also hoping for gst 4 !

André Almeida

Graphics and keystrokes are really difficult. Excellent game logic and potential, needs more work. I hope to get version 5 soon. Weak points/limitations: 1) own developed hardware has small maximum unit's, shouldn't have it. 2) When developing hardware/game engine the cost should be reduced after each year has the technical became obsolete. 3) Research shouldn't be bought. In stead it should be developed consuming time as well as money. 4) Graphics and user interface NEED urgent improvement. UI scaling isn't useful after a couple o years of game play. Use wide screen area instead. Example: split Games and Hardware columns. 5) Extend team numbers, work list. Wide range of Contracts with longer terms. 6) Add espionage, technology stealing as well as security team's.

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