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The description Ninja Knight Apk

If easy games are not fun for you, then Ninja Knight is the perfect one for you!

A fantastic adventure and action, challenge yourself to the high level action platform game!

***** Complete the 3 different awesome Worlds!

- Try again and again to reach the objective of stages full of various terrain and unique traps.
- Defeat increasingly powerful and different enemies. You will be rewarded with satisfying hits during your attack!
- Overcome bosses with special and powerful patterns and claim your reward!

***** Personalize and develop your character!

- Purchase powerful weapons and item sets with the coins you’ve collected! Better swords can contain more skills, better armours increase your defense resistences.
- Rescue the ladies hidden!

***** Features

- Multiplayer Session (Death Match 1vs1)
- 30 handcrafted adventure levels
- 3 End Of World Bosses
- Over 30 different enemies like: zombies, knights and flying creatures
- 150 unique items to improve your skills
- 22 Game Center achievements
- Save Data Game on Google cloud service
- Awesome Leaderboard! - Original soundtracks

Original Soundtracks here:

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  • 2.0
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • August 18, 2017
  • 7636D34671C4CDBE2AB50D1DE5265EAD4AEA14EC
  • 1f17733cbfdba234a8ca64c1ed0ea414
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10 recent comments of Ninja Knight APK

Travos k

This game has potential but lacks polish. For example, the dark-purple projectiles are hard to distinguish in the dark background, they should be pink. I also felt like the game wanted to be a MetroidVania, but then it has bottomless pits which really discourages exploration. The graphics are very pleasing and very modern. (This is probably the best part about the game).

Kamran Khan

I really like the game, I downloaded it during the time it was on sale. Did not regret it. The thing is. The campaign definitely requires checkpoints 100%. It's quite challenging so the checkpoints would definitely help. Although I seem to be experiencing severe multiplayer issues. First of all, I can go for 15 minutes of searching and not be able to find an opponent which is incredibly frustrating. Secondly whenever I find a match, it's either I lag at the beginning of the match and all I see is the background of the multiplayer map or it's says my opponent left the match even before the match starts and this happens 8/10 times. I really like the game and I see it's potential but without these fixtures the games future looks bleak. Adding and fixing these things definitely will add immense value to the game. The game would have gotten 5 stars if not for the multiplayer lag

Fabrício Lima

Great Game, loved the graphics. Can't say how much I loved the soundtrack, it's AWESOME

as sahu

It's a good time pass but without any checkpoints you would eventually fed up...

Thomas Kingma

Horrible game design and pacing

Christopher Coloma

Pls makke checpoints please

Vardaan Pawar

No so good...

Roshan Thomas

Good game and best time killer!


No hit feeling,everything in the game just looks like paper,bad game effects

Ander Borak

No merece la pena

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