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Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3Terra Monsters 3

The description Terra Monsters 3 Apk

Solve the Mysteries of Terrarium once and for all! With the help of your Terra Monsters battle your way to freedom. Explore the incredible looking, completely 3D open world and ultimately join the heros from TM1 & 2 to save the entire world from disaster.

Terra Monsters is a completely 3D Open World Creature Capturing Game.

No internet connection is required to play this game.

• 100+ completely 3D Terra Monsters to catch including LEGENDARY Terra Monsters.
• Strategic 3v3 3D Battles to master
• Incredible looking 3D world with day and night cycles to explore and discover
• 24+ hours of gameplay with a deep and immersive storyline - learn the truth behind 'Terrarium'
• Catch, train and evolve Terra Monsters to become the best Terra Rancher in the land.
• Care for and bond with your Terra Monsters in your Ranch.
• 250+ amazing moves to train your Terra Monsters.
• All previous starters are available to catch in this game, have your dream Terra Monster roster of Flofox, Dandylion, Niptune, Pandemite, Ninevolt, Jagwar, Viperno and Freyon.

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  • 20.0
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • November 12, 2016
  • C2C07A15ACBD4C7B28E49398D0766B2C15C9C756
  • f9f26e508b748797f5a078441279a424
  • Free to Play!
    Added an Option to Manually Save the game
    Fixed issue with health bar font being too small
    Fixed missing Italian texts
    Added translations for French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
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10 recent comments of Terra Monsters 3 APK

Erick Carmona

Too slow

Jaime Cano

It's toooooooooooo hard to level up and everyone else is so much more powerful than me and I can't get anywhere in this game while i see other people with videos or pictures online that have lvl 30 terra monsters where I have lvl 20-25


Okay first off, it's an enjoyable game similar to pokemon. There are a few bugs I've seen, when I went to buy gems I couldn't tap the exit button, another being that my bullibee is level 17 and never evolved but other than that it's an alright game

Rai zen

Lot of bug 1st when i came close some wild terra monster it wont battle. 2nd when i battle with other terra rancher in beginning of the battle its always said defeat. 3rd when i go to my ranch and exit it tells cant exit all terra monster no health and i try to use gem to heal them but it said all terra full health. 3rd it always lagging even i change my resolution to the lowest and always returning to home screen. Please fix this game is so awesome and enjoyable monster catching game. Add fixed joystick

Best game ever. There is just one problem with the monster's evolution. Each time I reach the appropriate level to evolve, my monsters stay the same and they won't evolve. I currently have a level 56 dactyl. Please fix the bug.

Cassidy Hackett

The game was fun, but none of my dragons would heal! I contacted support and tried to delete and reinstall and I lost all my progress. Ugh! I'm not going through the whole bloody tutorial and character creating process, it takes way too long. Forget it, I'll just delete it. Depressing that all of these phone apps are so glitchy and they're just looking for money.

Heidelberg Amul

after getting out the first town, i came across an op tamer.. he keeps on using potions infinitely and after the ranch, it automatically battles him with no reason.. UNINSTALLING

Josafefh verkin

Plz fix it.

Andrew Last

The 3D world makes it feel like a Nintendo DS game. Very fun

Mew Mew

Although there are a few graphical glitches, the game is playable. A little bit bummed all my free water crystals failed to capture any monsters, but that's the name of the RNG game. Would love if there was an option for cloud saving as the game gets updated. Keep up the great work!

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