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Zippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy ZombieZippy Zombie

The description Zippy Zombie Apk

Zippy Zombie is an exciting and addictive arcade game.
Gameplay is simple and you can play shortly.

Everyone around here became zombies.
You are a survivor and you need to run as fast as possible.
Be careful! There are lots of zombies out there and they are fast!
Can you survive and go further?

- Addictive run game
- Simple gameplay
- Numerous and fast zombies
- More than 50 unique characters
- Exciting stages
- Lots of interesting missions, it's not only running

Addictive run game:
- It looks easy, but zombies are dangerous and fast enemies
- Avoid zombies and get as far as you can.
- You failed? Try again and again and improve your skills and become a true survivor!
- When you get used to playing Zippy Zombies, avoiding zombies is lots of fun. Try it out!
- If you are caught by zombies, you can replay the level quickly and try again.

Simple gameplay:
- playing Zippy Zombies is really easy and fun, you only need to concentrate on avoiding zombies.
- Just put your finger on the screen and swipe left and right to move, and let the fun begin.

Numerous and fast zombies:
- if you think that zombies are slow and dumb, you are wrong! In this game, zombies are very hungry and will chase you quickly! Zombies come from various directions, so be on your guard.
- Also, zombies are not only humans! There is several types of zombie, and each one is unique.

More than 50 unique characters:
- This game features many different and interesting characters like cook, doctor, fireman, ninja, etc...
- As you progress, characters get more fun, so try unlocking special ones like bear, clock, dracula, etc...
- Each character has it's own unique appearance, skills and speed!

Exciting stages:
- Huge replay value! If you play more and more, the game gets more fun.
- There are some different stages, so try unlocking all of them. Each one is unique and it will take a special skill to survive it.

Lots of interesting missions, it's not only running:
- There are some exciting missions.
- You can play repeatedly.

You think you are good and a true survivor? Try competing with your friends and share your score on social networks, with your own animated GIF!

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  • 1.2.1
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • June 12, 2017
  • 900C87F9092CB9857EE29C324EEC84651D24B504
  • 94b10e08754624983c0780c0cc053d39
  • Support landscape orientation.
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  • 1.1.0
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • March 21, 2017
  • 900C87F9092CB9857EE29C324EEC84651D24B504
  • 9e514e0a5371a9465537c9dcddb41651
  • Support landscape orientation.
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10 recent comments of Zippy Zombie APK


Horrible and Super Laggy, I couldn't even stand to play it because it was moving at like 1 fps

rohnel doromal

Hard to control. I can't play well

Francis Laurel

Awesome Game U should Try it Guys!!

Mr. mello


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